It’s not surprising that most disability applications are rejected because of common mistakes that applicants are unaware of. Most people have never been through the disability application process and hit so many stumbling blocks on the way to accessing the SSDI benefits they direly need. If you find yourself unable to work because of a disability or illness and need to pursue SSDI benefits, get the top social security disability attorneys in Oklahoma to help. With an experienced lawyer by your side, you get proper guidance on what’s expected in your application and have higher chances of getting approval.

Get help to prepare the initial claim

Do you know your options when it comes to disability benefits? Oklahoma residents qualify for either Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) which are benefits awarded to help cover the cost of living while unable to work or due to severe financial hardship while disabled or ill. The eligibility criteria vary for these two types of benefits. When you hire top social security disability attorneys in Oklahoma, you can get more insights on which type of benefits to apply for as well as the information and documentation that the Social Security Administration will need to review your case. You can avoid omissions and errors that could cause your application to be delayed or denied altogether. Having a lawyer from the very beginning helps to ensure that your claim is prepared and filed the right way.

How to file a social security disability appeal

Since the majority of social security disability applications are denied, most cases end up in several appeal requests. Contacting a lawyer immediately after you receive a denial is crucial since there are deadlines for submitting your appeal. Your social security disability lawyer will ensure that your appeal is filed on time so you have a chance of accessing the benefits you require. Part of filing the appeal involves making sure that comprehensive information is provided regarding your condition, your specialists and medical history so that all the records can be reviewed by the SSA. In case there is additional documentation needed, your lawyer can help communicate with the doctors to ensure this is provided. In some cases, the lawyer may have to prepare you for a hearing and gather some witnesses, such as former employers, to help support the case. The evidence-gathering stage is often crucial as it makes your appeal as strong as possible.

Why Choose Social Security Law Center?

The professionals at Social Security Law Center can give you better chances of obtaining SSDI benefits by guiding you through the filing or appeal process, assisting with paperwork and preparing for a hearing when/if necessary. We come with decades of combined experience in social security law in Oklahoma. Our dedication remains to assist disabled clients and their families in accessing the financial support they need the most. Furthermore, we stand beside you in court and help you put up a strong case that will truly get you the approval you deserve. Contact us to get started today.