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The Bartlesville office is located on Tuxedo Boulevard, three blocks west Highway 75 between Katherine and Howard Avenues.

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Bartlesville, OK Social Security Disability Assistance

When your social security disability case demands the highest quality legal assistance, you can depend on Social Security Law Center. Our practice focuses entirely on social security disability so that we can provide the expert legal services our clients. Since 1990, we have been the most trusted social security law firm assisting each individual through the process of filing their social security disability claim. Whether you are filing a claim for the first time or you have been turned down in the past, we offer the specialized legal expertise your case deserves.

Expert Help After a Denial

It can be discouraging to have your claim denied by a judge without any reasonable explanation. This happens pretty often and in many cases the judge makes the wrong decision. At Social Security Law Center, we can help you have your denial reversed in Federal Court. We will appeal your claim and see to it that your best interests are served. Our social security disability lawyers know the best methods for filing an appeal to get the right results.

When you need a local, experienced social security disability attorney to handle your claim, you can rely on our team. We will do what it takes to have your claim approved so you can get the benefits you are owed.

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