If you cannot work due to a mental or physical disability or illness, the financial support that is offered through social security can go a long way in helping you and your family make ends meet. Unfortunately, getting your SSDI application approved is never a walk in the park. In fact, over the years, it’s become more challenging for more and more Oklahoma residents to access SSDI benefits. That’s why social security lawyers are needed. With the help of a legal professional that specializes in social security, you can receive proper guidance on how to apply for these benefits and increase your chances of approval. Social security lawyers have perfected the art of applying for these benefits. They know the process inside and out and will help you or a disabled family member access the benefits you are entitled to.

Is it time to hire a social security lawyer?

If you’re thinking of applying for disability benefits for yourself or a loved one, it’s never too early to contact a social security lawyer. For starters, the lawyer will help you determine if you have a valid claim to SSDI from the very beginning. You’ll get immediate help when filling the paperwork and avoid errors or omissions that could result in a denial of your benefits. Furthermore, professional social security lawyers come with extensive experience and knowledge necessary to guide you through all the stumbling blocks that could result in your application being denied.

Get the help in establishing your disability

One of the key roles of a social security lawyer is to assist you in getting a qualified doctor to review your condition and establish your disability. This is one of the most crucial first steps when applying for SSDI benefits. If you fail to show that your condition is indeed classified as a disability, your application is likely to be rejected immediately after it’s reviewed. Your social security disability lawyer will work closely with the required medical experts to ensure that all paperwork is filled correctly and adequately shows the difficulty you are experiencing and that you truly need financial assistance because of the illness or disability.

Appealing your SSDI application

Another common reason to hire a social security disability lawyer in Oklahoma is to help in requesting a review or appeal of a denied SSDI application. Just because your application has been rejected by the SSDI the first time doesn’t mean that you should give up on the entire process altogether. With an experienced lawyer, you can complete more documents and even attend a hearing which may result in the initial decision being withdrawn. Even though SSDI appeals can take a long time and be stressful to the applicant and the family involved, having a lawyer by your side can help streamline the process and give you peace of mind as you continue to focus on your recovery.

At Social Security Law Center, we’ve been serving disabled individuals in Oklahoma for years, and we are dedicated to helping you get the financial support you need when you need it most. Contact us today to get started.