The Federal Government gives SSDI benefits to people who cannot work due to disability. If you qualify, you will get a monthly allowance to help you make ends meet. However, there is a strict eligibility criterion. Notably, you must prove that the medical condition severely affects your ability to do your past relevant work and other work, and that you have enough work credits. Denials are common for those who do not follow the right procedure. Below is the process to follow to increase your chances of getting the benefits. 

The initial application can be filed in person, online at the Social Security Administration website, or over the phone. You will need to make an appointment to file in person. There is no limit on how many initial applications you can make. 

Provide Personal Information 

During the SSDI application process, you are required to provide your name, Social Security number, date and place of birth, current spouse, former spouses, and the date and places of marriage, divorce, or death. You must also provide the name and dates of birth of your children (under the age of 18), your bank details, detailed information on your medical condition, and hospitalization information, including names of medicines and dates of medical tests. 

Provide Work-related Information 

You also have to provide information about your work, such as the amount of money you earned the previous year, the name and address of your employer for the last year, a checklist of jobs you held in the previous 15 years, and U.S. military service dates. 

Submit Relevant Documents 

The documents required of you include your birth certificate (or other proof of birth), evidence of U.S. citizenship (or lawful alien status) for those born outside the U.S., U.S. military discharge paper(s), self-employment tax returns or W-2 forms for the previous year, medical evidence like medical records and doctors’ reports, and proof of permanent or temporary workers’ compensation-type benefits like pay stubs and award letters. 

SSA Eligibility Check 

The SSA staff will determine what benefits you are eligible for based on your income, work history, and other factors. You may get a call to provide further information and documentation. You should respond to SSA staff in a timely manner to increase your chances of success. 

DDS Disability Determination

The local SSA district office will process your application, then will then pass your information to the DDS (Disability Determination Services), which is made up of medical professionals. A doctor or psychologist will work with a disability examiner to determine if your condition qualifies as a disability and, if it does, to determine if it is likely to last more than 1 year. If your claim goes through, you will receive a written notice by mail detailing how much you will be getting each month and when you will start getting the benefits. 

If the claim is denied, you can file a request for reconsideration or file a new initial application. Note about 60% of applications are denied at this stage. You can increase your chances of being one of the 40% by enlisting the services of a social security law firm. At the Social Security Law Center, we have the experience of presenting strong cases for our Tulsa clients so they can get the benefits they deserve. Contact us today to get the help that you deserve!