If you suffer a disability that makes you unable to work and you need to file a Social Security Disability Claim, you might feel uncertain regarding what to expect upon hiring an attorney. It is normal to experience some uncertainty since you have never been through the disability application process. It is best to have an experienced SS attorney by your side. The sooner you find the right attorney, the greater the chances of having your application approved. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire a social security attorney:

Preparing the Initial Claim

One of the main benefits of hiring an SS attorney is that they will guide you in filing the initial social security disability claim. Studies reveal that the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies a significant number of initial applications. A majority of applications are rejected because of incorrect information entered by the applicants. An attorney will review your application to make sure that it meets all the SSA requirements. An attorney understands all the documentation and information the SSA needs, which will help you avoid unnecessary delays. Hiring an attorney could minimize your wait time and maximize the money you receive. 

An Attorney Communicates on Your Behalf

An attorney will be in contact with the Social Security Administration office on your behalf to see that your claim goes through. For instance, if you submit a social security claim and the SSA needs additional information, your attorney will assist you in gathering it and will submit it for you. 

Filing of an Appeal 

Most people have their initial application for social security benefits denied. If you have talked to someone who has filed a social security claim, you probably understand how important the appeal process can be. Preparing an appeal is an essential role of an SS attorney since the majority of applications are denied. It’s crucial to keep in mind that you have to adhere to strict deadlines when filing an appeal. An attorney is obviously aware of these deadlines and will ensure that you carry out all the procedures on time. 

Representing You in Court

If you require someone to represent you at the disability hearing, your attorney will be by your side. An attorney will help you to prepare for the hearing and make the right impression on the judge. The attorney will also cross examine the witnesses and expert witnesses. For example, the testimony of a vocational expert is very important. Only an experienced attorney can perform the proper cross-examination of these experts. 

Before the hearing, your attorney will communicate with you and prepare you for the hearing, including how you should answer questions. Meeting an attorney before your hearing helps the attorney gather the necessary information to enable them to offer a persuasive testimony.

As your SSDI claim progresses, it is likely to become more and more complicated. Sometimes, SS attorneys appeal cases all the way to the federal court. If you are still unconvinced about hiring an SS attorney, consider this: the outcome of your case largely depends on hiring the right attorney. For reliable legal representation in filing a social security claim, contact the Social Security Law Center