If you or a loved one suffered a disabling illness or injury and are unable to work, you may be entitled to collect SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) benefits. Unfortunately, the entire process of pursuing these benefits is challenging because SSA (Social Security Administration) often denies claims, especially the application. However, if your SSDI claim was denied, you might still be eligible for benefits.

Keep in mind that establishing a disability and rights to SSDI benefits is hard unless you seek the help of an experienced Tulsa social security lawyer. Here’s when you should consult with an attorney if you want to file an SSDI claim.

You Need Professional Counsel for an SSDI-Related Claim

Suppose you’re considering filing a claim for SSDI benefits. You can file the claim without legal representation as the SSA official website allows you to do online. However, the process of filing an SSDI claim successfully is more complex than most people think. 

In fact, SSA rejects approximately 70% of first-time SSDI claims, mostly because of imprecise and incomplete information. To avoid such mistakes, it’s in your best interests to consult with an experienced lawyer when filing your SSDI claim.

It’s also important to mention that deadlines come quickly in the SSDI claim appeal process. So, if you are wondering when you should hire an attorney to handle your claim, it’s recommended to consult with one once you decide to file an SSDI claim.

Avoid Claim Denial

Having professional and knowledgeable help during the claim application process will pay in the end. Having an attorney that has been handling SSDI claims for many years will make a huge difference. In that period, they have seen a variety of claims. In most cases, completing SSA documents incorrectly or incompletely will be the biggest reason for denials.

One way to reduce the chances of claim denial is to avoid all language-related mistakes that lead to claim denials. Your attorney will help ensure that your claim is carefully and professionally crafted. The attorney will add the correct information, provide the required evidence, and review the claim documents before submission just to be sure nothing could raise eyebrows.

Remember, your claim must provide comprehensive information regarding your medical history, work history, and educational background. By providing accurate information in your claim documents, you can minimize the chances of a claim denial and the frustration of the appeals process. This is possible if you choose to work with an experienced Tulsa social security attorney.  

Your Claim is Denied – Now You Really Need a Lawyer

Once your claim gets denied, the stakes are raised. Preparing a claim appeal isn’t an easy process, and you need an expert to review your claim carefully. So, if you filed a claim on your own and now and your claim was denied, it’s time to seek the help of an attorney. You have a lot to gain if you seek the help of an attorney. Contact us today to get help with your claim.