If you have a social security issue that you cannot resolve, finding a reputable social security disability law firm is recommended. Since you don’t have much experience choosing the right social security disability law firm, especially one that specializes in social security law, here is a guide to help you choose the right law firm to handle your social security disputes. 

Are you eligible for SSD benefits?

Before you start looking for a law firm, it’s important to know the basics of your social security case. Most social security issues that require the help of an attorney involve disability claims.

Note that social security disability is for individuals who have a certain medical condition that fits the definition of a disability in accordance with the social security administration. To be eligible for these benefits, you must have worked in a job that is covered by social security. Also, if you didn’t pay into the social security, you may not be eligible for the social security disability benefits.

What SSD law firms can and can’t do

If you are looking for a law firm in the hope of speeding up you are disability claim appeal, there is a good chance you’re wasting your time. Whether you have a lawyer on your side or not, it takes quite some time to get through the appeal process.

A good law firm will not promise faster approval. However, they can promise to help you meet deadlines, gather and file all requested documentation, and ensure that your claim application is completed properly to prevent unnecessary holdups.

In the same way a law firm cannot promise to speed up the process, they can’t guarantee you will get approved for disability benefits. However, with the help of a reliable social security disability law firm, you will increase your chances of getting approved. Remember, lawyers cannot ethically guarantee that you will win your case, and if they do, that’s probably an attorney you want to avoid.

Choosing the right law firm

You can find a reliable social security disability law firm in a variety of ways. For instance, there are many directories that showcase law firms in a given location. Also, referral services often provided by state bar associations are sources of lawyers and law firms you can interview.

Finding a law firm listed on these platforms doesn’t make it the best choice. Check the specific services they offer, how long they have been in the industry, and their reputation. Also, you may want to ask for referrals from colleagues, family, and friends. Once you get several options, you can start vetting the law firms and pick one that matches your needs.

If you are looking for an experienced law firm that focuses specifically on Social Security Law, the Social Security Law Center is here for you. Since 1990, the Social Security Law Center has been the leading social security law firm for Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and the surrounding areas.

Consider your budget

Most social security disability cases will cost you nothing or a small amount of money upfront. Most law firms take their fees from retrospective benefits you are awarded from social security.

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