Social Security Disability is a form of disability insurance coverage available to Oklahoma adults battling some form of disability that prevents them from making a decent income as they would if it were not for the condition they suffer. The program is conducted by the SSA (Social Security Administration) for adults with disabilities. These adults should also have paid the set premiums to the Social Security trust fund during their employment in the form of FICA or SECA taxes.

Who is eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance?

As mentioned earlier, the Social Security Administration oversees this form of insurance in Oklahoma. The SSA conducts SSDI medical determinations via the Disability Determination Services office. This is the special division of the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services.

The specific SSDI qualification conditions are consistent with their federal disability laws. The Disability Determination Services division is responsible for deciding which SSDI claims get approved. According to the law, people with disabilities who have paid the Social Security trust fund according to the stipulations of the Federal Insurance Contribution are eligible for disability benefits.

It’s also possible for a surviving spouse to lay claim to the SSD benefits of a deceased spouse who was getting or was eligible for disability benefits. Also, if you’re an Oklahoma veteran suffering from some form of disability, you may be eligible for disability benefits from Veteran Affairs and SSDI.

An individual with disabilities can still make the right arrangements with an employer so that they can continue working. However, if their income exceeds $1,310 or $2,190 (for the blind) monthly, they wouldn’t be eligible for disability benefits. Another exemption is when a person has a short-term disability. Suppose your disability will not last for a year. In that case, you may not be eligible for SSDI benefits under federal law.

Application for SSDI benefits 

There are different ways to apply for SSDI benefits in Oklahoma. For instance, you can visit any of the 18 Social Security offices within the state. You can also file your social security disability claim online or through a phone call.

People with disabilities from many years of military service, developmental disabilities, and other individuals with different forms of disability are encouraged to apply for disability benefits. Each SSDI application must pass through the Social Security office and the DRS’ disability determination division. Note that the DDS disability determiner must evaluate the applicant to establish whether the applicant truly qualifies for the relevant benefits.

Once you have submitted your claim application form, you may need to wait for a few months before your claim gets approved. Remember, you will not start getting benefits until five months after SSA determined your disability began.

Seek legal counsel

If you believe you’re eligible for SSDI benefits or your claim was recently denied, contact an experienced SSDI lawyer in Oklahoma. The attorney can help you avoid various pitfalls that could derail your claim. Also, the lawyer can help appeal your denied claim and improve your chances of your application getting approved.