Social security claims for people who are not represented by attorneys are denied twice as often as the claims for people represented by social security attorneys. Before you commence the claim process, you should hire an experienced Tulsa social security attorney to help you avoid the common application mistakes people make when filing for social security benefits.

Common Social Security Benefits Application Mistakes

The leading application mistakes that often lead to claims denial are:

  • Medical evidence that is not well documented
  • A doctor’s report that is not consistent with the social security regulations that define disability
  • When the loss of vocational aptitude or the inability to work is not well documented
  • Social security benefits forms are not filled appropriately or submitted within the applicable deadlines
  • When files and other documentation are not filed at the appropriate office 

Supporting Your Claim 

A social security attorney in Tulsa will do everything in their power to support your claim. Even after the initial denial of your claim, you should not give up. An attorney can help you appeal your denials. Some of the steps that an attorney will take to support your claim are:

  • Collect medical evidence to prove the severity of your injury or medical condition
  • Object to improper evidence and procedures to protect your right to a fair hearing 
  • Ensure that the reports obtained from your medical practitioners are consistent  with the social security regulations 
  • Address any questions from the ALJ (Administrative Law Judge) seeking additional medical opinions
  • Examine documents and records from your claim file and review all the actions SSA takes
  • Ensure that all the relevant witnesses are present during your hearing by requesting subpoenas, if needed 
  • Cross-examine all the SSA witnesses  present at your hearing 
  • Ensure that the SSA calculates your benefits correctly when you qualify for social security benefits 
  • If you lose at the hearing, your attorney will request a review of the hearing decision by the Social Security Administration Appeals Council

An Attorney Has The Experience You Need 

Millions of people in the United States are living with a disability, including people under 65 years of age. Most people assume that if a person is unable to work, they will be automatically approved for disability benefits, but this is not the case. You might be surprised to learn that most first-time applications for social security benefits are denied. Fighting the complicated battle of seeking social security benefits is time-consuming. Seeking the help of an experienced Tulsa social security attorney can increase your chances of being approved for disability benefits. 

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