Individuals who hire an experienced disability lawyer to handle their Supplemental Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claim are more likely to get their applications approved compared to those who don’t. Having a lawyer handle your disability claim is associated with many benefits. Here are some of those benefits.

Lawyers know the medical evidence required to get an SSDI/SSI claim approved

The most crucial factor in winning a disability claim is presenting the correct medical evidence. Many applicants do not know the exact medical information that SSA (Social Security Administration) needs and end up providing a lot of irrelevant information.

SSDI and SSI claim applicants represented by an experienced attorney are more likely to gather and present the right medical evidence needed for claim approval. The lawyer is also responsible for reviewing the claim application to determine whether more tests or medical information is required. Indeed, the attorney will work with you (the applicant) to ensure your claim application and the right evidence are submitted to the SSA on time.

Lawyers are skilled at collaborating with medical professionals

Did you know that a supportive opinion from your doctor is crucial to winning an SSDI claim? Unfortunately, some doctors may not be willing to help disability claim applicants. For instance, if a doctor doesn’t understand how the entire disability insurance process works or they are busy, there is a chance you will get little or no help from them.

However, disability lawyers have experience working with healthcare providers. They are in a better position to clarify various issues to the healthcare professionals and eventually get a supportive opinion from such specialists. Information provided by a medical professional regarding your disability plays a key role in proving your eligibility for disability benefits.

Lawyers are familiar with the hearing process.

SSDI and SSI claim applicants represented by lawyers have a better chance of winning an appeal. This is because many lawyers have an outstanding experience with the entire appeal hearing process. You need such a legal professional by your side so that if your claim gets rejected, you can appeal that decision and still stand a chance to get the SSDI and/or SSI benefits you are entitled to.

Attorneys know the specific arguments that are more likely to win your case

Generally, there are many arguments that lawyers use to win disability claims. Having a great disability lawyer by your side is an added advantage because he or she can identify the best argument that is most likely to help win your claim. Remember, disability lawyers understand the SSDI/SSI rules and regulations on which disability benefits are based.

Once your lawyer has identified the correct argument, he or she will figure out how to best meet the rules and regulations regarding SSDI and SSI benefits using facts presented in your claim application. Also, this means your lawyer can anticipate various weaknesses in your claim and decide how to address them.

Keep in mind that the SSDI and SSI claim application process isn’t an easy task and neither is getting an approval. Consult with an experienced disability lawyer to boost your chances of getting the disability benefits you’re entitled to.