Suppose you plan to hire disability lawyers to help with your social security disability case. In that case, it’s important to first understand the benefits and costs of having an experienced attorney on your side.

Remember, little or no money is required upfront. It is also important to consider the stage of your social security disability case your lawyer should get involved in.

Should you hire a disability lawyer?

Generally, the most important reason to hire a lawyer to help with your social security disability case is that your chances of getting approved increase considerably. Although some people who submit applications on their own indeed get approved for benefits, statistics reveal that everything else being equal, the social security administration is more likely to approve applicants who legal counsel has represented.

Disability lawyers understand how to carefully present a case in the light that’s most favorable to their clients. During the initial application, your attorney can offer counsel on the ‘onset date’ of your disability. Also, the lawyer can argue that your health condition meets the listed impairments in the social security ‘blue book’ and help you focus on the relevant facts that are most persuasive to the social security administration.

During the reconsideration and the hearing phases of your case, your attorney can gather and submit relevant medical information. The lawyer can also obtain an opinion from your healthcare provider, draft a detailed overview for the administrative law judge, and successfully prepare you for the questions from judges during the hearing. A good lawyer will also elicit your testimony during the hearing and cross-examine a medical expert to demonstrate your inability to work.

When should you call a disability lawyer in Edmond, OK?

If you are considering filing a disability case, it is recommended to call a disability lawyer as early as possible for a consultation. A lawyer can help you evaluate your case and avoid initial application mistakes that could derail your case in the future. Although some people opt to navigate this stage without legal counsel or representation, there are greater chances of getting approved if you have an experienced attorney on your side.

There is also another benefit of contacting a lawyer early enough. Suppose you get approved for social security benefits at your initial application level. In that case, you will pay a small amount of the lawyer’s fee because there are fewer back pay benefits owed from the social security. On the other hand, hiring a social security disability lawyer after your initial application has been denied complicates the entire process, and the lawyer’s fee could increase considerably.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced social security disability lawyer as early as possible to increase your chances of getting approved for social security disability benefits.

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