Applying for social security disability benefits in Oklahoma City can be a complicated process right from the start. You may not understand what benefits you are entitled to, let alone how to show you meet the employment and disability criteria when filing your application. With two options to consider (SSI and SSDI), social security disability attorneys in Oklahoma City can help you determine which one you qualify for and will offer you the most benefits. 

Your lawyer will work hand in hand with you, evaluating your income, work history, and financial situation in order to advise on what benefits you qualify for. When you are out of work due to an injury or illness and need support to cater to basic necessities, you can’t afford to leave anything on the table. Our experienced social security disability lawyers are well equipped with all the information you need to help you maximize the benefits you are entitled to and avoid mistakes when filing your application. 

Submitting a thorough and complete application

A common assumption is that applying for SSDI is a straightforward process for everyone. However, there are some common mistakes disabled workers make that result in a denial of SSDI benefits. For instance, if you do not show that your condition has resulted in severe medical impairment and ensure that all the documentation is completed in full by submitting all the required medical records and information, your application may be denied. Disability lawyers can help you prove that you meet SSA’s definition of disabled by ensuring all supporting documents are available and clearly show that you have a severe condition that has lasted or can be expected to last at least 12 months. It’s the lawyer’s responsibility to ensure that the SSA gets that information by assisting in completing your application. This gives you the best chance of approval.

Complete the SSDI benefits application process fast

With the help of a disability lawyer, you won’t have to wait a very long time to receive your benefits. Typically, it takes four to six months to get a response from the SSA once you submit your application. Unfortunately, many applicants will wait for much longer and have their claim denied because of not submitting the required documents or failing to respond promptly to any requests made by the SSA. When you work with a lawyer from the start, you can avoid this since they deal with the SSA and will help with issues such as physicians who may take too long to provide the required medical records.

Get full benefits with the help of a disability lawyer

We’ve seen many cases of disabled workers who only access a fraction of the benefits they qualify for because of how they submitted their applications. You may qualify for benefits even for the period before you filed. Your lawyer will help you state exactly when your disability started so that you don’t lose out on any benefits that you are entitled to.