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Has your social security disability insurance been denied? Well, you’re not alone. While most people applying for these benefits don’t anticipate a denial, in some cases, the application is rejected due to some common reasons. We’ll look at these reasons below and guide you on what you need to avoid to ensure that you are granted the benefits you deserve.

Your income exceeds the SGA limit

First, you need to have an income below the SGA limit to qualify for social security disability benefits. This figure is adjusted every year and doesn’t include any income from investment activities. The SGA (substantial gainful activity) limit only covers your work income as it is an indicator of the applicant’s ability to work.You don’t suffer from a severe impairment

Another common reason why some people are denied social security benefits is if the injury or impairment doesn’t result in a disability that lasts at least 12 months or could result in death. This particular reason is determined on an individual basis. Working with an attorney will help provide the supporting documents that show your impairment is severe enough and that you qualify for social security disability benefits.

Inadequate medical records

Some people are denied benefits simply because they did not provide the required medical records to the SSA on time. The Social Security Administration (SSA) may request additional information about your condition or even for an examination to be done by their doctor. Refusing to get examined by the SSA or to provide additional information that’s needed can result in a denial. We’ve met clients who have been denied their benefits simply because they did not cooperate with the SSA. Our attorney can help you navigate this process to avoid your claim from getting denied.

You did not follow the doctor’s prescribed therapy

There are cases where benefits are denied to claimants who did not follow prescribed therapy, yet they had the ability to do so. If the doctor prescribed certain medications, therapy sessions or surgery and this wasn’t followed, the SSA will evaluate on a case by case basis to determine if the individual had a legitimate excuse for ignoring these orders. For instance, individuals with severe mental illness, intense fear of surgery, or those who need assistance due to paralysis may be granted benefits even if they did not follow the prescribed therapy.

When disability is caused by alcoholism or drug addiction

This is another common reason for the denial of disability benefits. When disability is caused by drug or alcohol addiction, the SSA may deny benefits arguing that once the the drug or alcohol abuse is resolved, the individual would no longer be disabled. However, your lawyer can help prove that you would still be disabled even if you stopped using drugs or alcohol and be granted benefits.

At Social Security Law Center, we have come across numerous cases of clients who have been denied their benefits for several reasons. Our law firm specializes in assisting individuals throughout the process of filling their claims providing the legal expertise they need to avoid denial.