Why Hire a Social Security Law Firm for SSDI Application in Tulsa

The law allows you to make an SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) claim by yourself. You can do this at the Social Security Administration website, in person by visiting the local Social Security Administration, or over the phone. At Social Security Law Center, we have been helping clients to get their SSDI benefits since 1990. There are several reasons why you should come to us. 

  • Expertise: Our practice solely focuses on Social Security Disability Law. This has enabled us to develop our knowledge in the practice area. The Social Security System has a complex and sometimes unfair bureaucratic system that would frustrate you if were you to make the application yourself. We have developed a system to take a complex process and make it simple for our clients.  We provide our clients with a detailed plan to help them secure their disability benefits.  Each client will be provided with a road map of what they need to do to help develop the medical evidence they will need to be suecessful.  We review each document that is submitted to SSA and field all the calls from SSA for our clients.  

  • Increased chances of success: Statistics show that only 40% of SSDI claims are successful at the application level.  Those odds go down at reconsideration and only 15% will be successful in securing an approval on appeal. Hiring a social security lawyer increases your chances of success. We will make a comprehensive, well-organized application, ensuring all information and all the required documents are attached. A strong application also helps you avoid long waiting periods that are often occasioned by incorrect filing, missing documentation, and questionable needs. We will prepare you for any questions that you may be asked after the application. We will also take charge of all hearings as necessary.

  • Helping you understand the merits of your application: There is a strict eligibility criterion before you can get SSDI benefits. When you come to us, we will assess the merits of your application and advise you accordingly. As an example, if you are disabled and we feel that you may recover within one year or are too disabled to do your current job but can do another job, we will advise you that your application may not go through. 

  • Helping you understand reasons for claim denial: If we feel you are eligible, but your claim has been denied, we will help you understand the reasons for denial. Common reasons for denial are failure to demonstrate you are too injured or ill to work, failure to follow the treatment plan recommended by your physician, and failure to demonstrate financial need. Fortunately, the law allows you to make a fresh application. We will take you through this process afresh this time around, ensuring we cover all the bases. We will also file federal and administrative appeals as necessary. 

  • Giving you time to recover: If you are injured or too ill to work, chances are that you are in no position medically to make the application yourself. At the Social Security Law Center, we will ensure the entire application process goes smoothly. You should concentrate on your recovery and spend time with family and friends while we do the work. 

We believe in the rights of Tulsa residents like you. We will put up a spirited fight to ensure you get the benefits you deserve. Contact our team today for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your case.