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Social security disability programs provide a safety net for millions of disabled persons in America. SSD (Social Security Disability) benefits are available to qualified workers who have suffered disability and can no longer work. The SSI (Supplemental Security Income) program provides benefits to severely disabled persons with limited income, often ineligible for SDDI benefits. The Social Security Administration has become overburdened by need and regulation. Applicants require numerous documents when applying for social security benefits, and any discrepancy or omission of the proper information could lead to claim denial. Almost all disability claims are initially denied. You should not shy away from the application process. Social Security Law Center can guide you through the process to help you secure disability benefits successfully.

An Attorney Increases Your Chances Of Securing Benefits

It is not mandatory to have an attorney when applying for social security benefits. However, statistics indicate that hiring an attorney increases the likelihood of being successful while seeking SSDI and SSI benefits. Our experienced attorneys at Social Security Law Center will help you to:

  • Prepare the initial application for social security benefits. Our attorneys will ensure that your initial application is accurate and complete, which will increase the likelihood of your claim being approved.
  • Our attorneys will also help you gather all the necessary documentation required while filing a claim. They will also ensure that there are no errors, omissions, or discrepancies.
  • If need be, our attorney will approach your treating doctor to obtain the key medical documentation necessary to get an approval of your claim. 
  • In the case of a claim denial, an attorney will appeal the denial of your claim at the relevant administrative level. 

Our attorneys at the Social Security Law Center will act promptly and do everything in their power to prevent delays in the processing of your social security claims. Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn how our attorneys can help you file a claim successfully. 

You Should Not Give Up

The social security disability process is complicated and challenging to navigate. Many people often give up after the denial of their initial application for social security benefits. You don’t have to navigate the application process on your own, yet you are still dealing with other limitations resulting from your disability. If you are initially denied social security benefits, you can count on the unwavering support of our Tulsa social security attorneys. Our attorneys know how to file an appeal and build a strong case that will give you the best chance of approval. 

Irrespective of the challenges you face while applying for social security benefits, our attorneys will handle all these challenges for you. They will compile all the necessary evidence to help build a strong case. The attorneys will guide you through the relevant paperwork and process to ensure that you receive the maximum possible compensation. We will help you keep all the necessary deadlines every step of the way. 

Contact Social Security Law Center

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