Social Security Tulsa

Have you been denied disability benefits? Our team at Social Security Law Center is here to help you when you really need it. As a law firm with more than 30 years of experience in social security in Tulsa, we strive to be fast, efficient, and reliable in all that we do. Whether you come to us for help in submitting the initial application or you need to file an appeal after being denied benefits, we’re always happy to help.

We defend you when you need us most

Social Security Law Center specializes in bringing personalized legal services to individuals who are injured or disabled and unable to work. We have invested in proper resources which enable our disability attorneys to work fast while keeping costs low. If you need a lawyer who will address your matter with the personal attention it deserves, contact us today.

Whether you are facing a mental condition, injury, or illness that is preventing you from working, don’t wait too long to file a disability claim. Delays in filing can result in the SSA denying your claim. In fact, we often advise clients to start the process as early as possible to eliminate the difficulties most people encounter when they file late. Don’t be intimidated by the numerous forms and documents needed to submit your application. Our experienced and compassionate social security attorneys in Tulsa will help you navigate the process.

How an experienced social security lawyer can help

Applying for benefits can seem like a bureaucratic process, especially if you’ve received a denial before. Like most government applications, you need to submit a strong, accurate, and complete document to increase your chances of getting your benefits granted quickly. Keep in mind that the SSA has millions of applications to process each year, and without a lawyer’s help, you may make errors or omissions that lead to a refusal.

An experienced social security lawyer will:

  • Simplify the application process for you and save you time
  • Submit a strong application with all relevant documents on your behalf
  • Ensure the application is accurate with no common errors or omissions
  • Ensure that your application is processed quickly and reduce the time between filing and receiving your benefits so you can get the financial help you urgently need.

If you had submitted an initial claim for social security benefits in Tulsa that was initially denied, contact our attorneys to help investigate closely and determine why the decision was made. We can help you gather the right information to show the team at SSA why your application should be approved.

We are experienced disability lawyers

Experience is critical when it comes to social security claims. At Social Security Law Center, we’ve represented numerous clients in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma. We have helped individuals apply for and receive both SSI and SSDI benefits when they needed them urgently to run their households and access medical care. When you come to us, know that we shall be ready to help.