Social Security Lawyers in Tulsa OK

Over the years, we’ve worked with Oklahomans who have suffered severe injuries and terminal illnesses and are entitled to disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. At Social Security Law Center, we’ve seen cases of people with serious medical conditions being denied benefits and receiving rejection notices after several applications. Just because you have a mentally or physically disabling condition that’s diagnosed doesn’t mean you can’t be denied benefits after applying. 

We are committed to helping the disabled in Tulsa, OK

If you need a legal team to ensure you obtain the full disability benefits you are entitled to by law, reach out to Social Security Law Center. We focus our law practice on assisting disabled individuals to pursue benefits. We even represent clients in social security disability hearings to ensure justice is served. We take pride in offering attentive, personalized services. If you’ve suffered a medical injury or illness and you’re having difficulty obtaining disability benefits, contact us immediately to review your case and discuss possible options for pursuing benefits.

What types of benefits can you qualify for?

If you are suffering from a work-related injury that is medically diagnosed, you may qualify for benefits through the employers’ worker’s compensation. This program is designed to ensure that those suffering from a work-related injury or illness can receive temporary disability benefits as well as payment for permanent disabilities. This program doesn’t cover injuries that have occurred outside the scope of work.

The other two main types of social security benefits that you can receive if disabled and unable to work in Oklahoma are:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Supplemental Security Income

Both programs are administered by the Social Security Administration. To qualify for either, you must have a diagnosed medical disability. The two programs have different eligibility criteria and will give you access to different levels of financial benefits.

SSI is designed for those workers who have little to no income and have neither been employed at all nor worked long enough to qualify for SSDI. This program ensures that workers who have not accumulated enough work credits can still access financial support to cater to their basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter.

On the other hand, SSDI benefits are for individuals who have been contributing to the social security system over the years and have attained enough work credits to qualify for benefits. To be eligible, you must also have a disabling condition that is expected to last for more than a year or result in death (terminal illness). The amount you receive in SSDI benefits will be based on your lifetime average earnings.

As social security lawyers Tulsa OK, we help clients navigate this somewhat bureaucratic process of applying for disability benefits. We take that burden away from you so you can focus on recovering from the injury that’s keeping you out of work. We guide and protect our clients’ rights to get them the outcome they rightfully deserve.

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