Social Security Law Bartlesville

At Social Security Law Center, we believe that having professional help during your SSI or SSDI claim application process increases your chances of getting the benefits you are eligible for. Our social security attorneys have been helping SSDI and SSI claim applicants for many years. Indeed, they have seen a variety of claims whose primary reason for denial was due to the lack of medical evidence to support a finding of disability. These professionals can help you evaluate your case and prepare accurate claims documents, obtain the necessary medical evidence, and deal with SSA on your behalf.

Our team consists of social security lawyers and highly skilled paralegals who regularly handle complex claims involving multiple areas of the social security law in Bartlesville. Our clients’ needs come first, so whether you require assistance in claiming SSI or SSDI, fighting an initial claim denial, appealing a final decision, submitting additional evidence, or just need a good lawyer, we are here to help.

Note that our attorneys have years of experience assisting people with their applications for SSI and SSDI benefits. This is why we take pride in helping individuals get the benefits they need and deserve. Our disability lawyer team has handled all kinds of cases related to social security law in Bartlesville for two decades. Because we handle hundreds of these cases each year, we know what evidence SSA needs in order to ensure that you have a strong chance of your claim getting approved.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) may ask for extensive medical records to support your claim. Our lawyers will work with your doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, and any other healthcare expert treating you to obtain the required medical information. Even though you may be disabled, if you do not submit this evidence to support your claim, your claim might get denied. Therefore, it is important that you consult with one of our experienced SSDI attorneys to help gather all necessary documents and send them along with your application for processing. 

At Social Security Law Center, we place great value on providing excellent service to our clients. Since our practice began, we have worked hard to refine our process to give each and every client a road map to getting their disability benefits approved. Additionally, while other law firms may boast about how many hours they put into one case, we know that quality matters more than quantity. That’s why we have kept all our personnel up-to-date on current laws and regulations and offer fast, responsive customer service every day of the week.

We believe that communication between an attorney and a client is essential. Accordingly, we keep track of every detail related to your case, making sure that you understand what’s happening every step of the way. This means we often schedule follow-up meetings via telephone and email so that we can be certain that everyone understands everything that needs to happen next.

If you are considering filing for SSI or SSDI benefits, contact us today for more information about how we may be able to help.