Suppose you live in Oklahoma and cannot work due to a mental or physical health condition. In that case, there are federal disability programs you can apply for. These include supplemental security income and social security disability insurance. While these are federal programs, each state is responsible for part of the disability process, including the supplemental security income amount and determining whether you should get  Medicaid.

Who decides whether or not you are disabled? 

The Disability Determination Division is Oklahoma’s state agency that determines whether or not you meet the requirements for disability. The agency will gather your medical details and potentially set up an appointment for you to be examined by medical professionals who work for the social security department. 

Filing for social security disability

In Oklahoma, disability benefits are regulated and paid for by the Federal government. However, the exact way in which the state delivers disability benefits differs from the approach in other states. The Disability Determination Division handles the initial applications and requests for reconsideration for SSI and social security disability benefits. 

Once your application has been reviewed by Social Security, it is then sent to their main DDD office to be reviewed specifically for medical qualifications. If you are disabled and can’t work based on your current medical record, you will get disability benefits. Remember, your application should be error-free. Ensure that your medical history is detailed and don’t omit important information. 

For those whose social security disability benefits applications get denied, it is possible to file an appeal.  An appeal of the initial denial is called a request for reconsideration.  If the request for reconsideration is denied, another appeal called a request for hearing can be filed at the OHO (office of hearings operation). The entire process of filing for social security disability benefits is complex, and some errors could mean application rejection.  Be sure to consult with an experienced lawyer if you intend to file for social security disability benefits.

Vocational rehabilitation services

Some people who get social security disability insurance because of mental or physical health disability may feel that they can go back to work but need help to find a job. Even if they don’t resume their initial job, there are simple tasks that they can handle for money, depending on the nature of their disability. This is where vocational rehabilitation services come in. This program provides that kind of help. Some of the services provided include job preparation, job evaluation, job search help, and job training.

Consult with a disability lawyer 

If you intend to file for social security disability or your application was denied,  consult with an experienced disability lawyer in Oklahoma. Being represented by an attorney can significantly increase your chance of getting your claim approved. Keep in mind that the lawyer will be paid out of your social security back payments if you get compensated. That means you don’t have to worry about losing money (lawyer fees), particularly if your social security disability application is denied.

If you are in need of a social security disability lawyer in Oklahoma, get a free consultation today