Social Security Attorney Bartlesville

If you meet the requirements for Social Security Disability payments, you should probably be able to access the benefits without putting up much of a fight. However, the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) programs have become problematic. As a result, many people are compelled to go far too long without accessing disability support. Contact our reliable social security disability attorneys at the Social Security Law Center if you need assistance in securing disability benefits.

Whether You Need an Attorney to Submit a Disability Claim

You should prepare for a lot of work if you intend to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. You should probably start thinking about the possibility of getting professional assistance, as the Social Security Administration (SSA) rejects more than 60% of claims during the initial application. You can greatly benefit from the assistance of a Bartlesville social security attorney in the initial application process. An attorney will lower your chances of running into paperwork-related issues later on.

Here’s how our social security attorneys can help:

  • Appealing negative SSA decisions regarding your benefits
  • Seek a disability “backpay” if your claim was wrongfully denied
  • Prevent benefit reduction or elimination

Our attorneys are here to make everything right and relieve you of your burden. If your disability claim was denied within the last 60 days, please contact our law firm to know how we can assist you. If your claim denial was more than 60 days ago, you must resubmit your claim. We don’t charge you a fee for working on your claim unless and until you receive payment.

Our Attorney Will Increase Your Chances of Approval

An attorney will act as your official representative and assist you in keeping your documents in the correct order. According to a recent report issued by the SSA, hiring an attorney increases an applicant’s likelihood of having their claim approved.

However, many applicants still decide to submit their first applications on their own, only to receive a letter of rejection as a result. When this notification is issued, the recipient has 60 days to appeal. 

If you hire an attorney, you will have someone to assist you with organizing and completing your paperwork, ensuring you receive the proper medical care, and arguing your case before the judge. Despite statistics showing that 90% of applications submitted for reconsideration are denied, an average of 60% of applications are approved during the hearing stage.

We Are Here to Help

The Social Security Law Center will assist you if you live in Bartlesville and need to submit an application for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits or if you have just been denied and need legal counsel in your appeal. If your claim is denied and you are required to appear before an Administrative Law Judge, our attorneys will represent you at the hearing. Our initial consultation is free, and you will not be charged any fee until we win your case.