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The SSA defines “disability” as the “inability to take part in any significant gainful activity due to any mental or physical impairment that is likely to lead to death or has persisted or is likely to last for a period of at least 12 months.” The Social Security Administration will consider you a disabled person if you are unable to perform previous tasks because of the medical condition, your impairment has lasted or is anticipated to last for a minimum of one year, or it will lead to death.

We Will Help You File a Social Security Disability Claim

Our lawyers at the Social Security Law Center will ensure that you get it right the first time to increase your chances of approval. The longer you wait before filing your disability claim, the less likely it is that it will be approved. Some disability applicants are awarded social security benefits only to have the benefits terminated prematurely. Disability benefits could be canceled for a variety of reasons, including SSA determinations that:

  • You are completely recovered.
  • Your impairment was not as severe as you assert.
  • Your impairment was not correctly diagnosed.
  • You should be fine now that the “typical” duration of recovery has passed.
  • You can return to work even if you are not fully recovered.

Avoid Common Application Mistakes

With the help of our experienced attorneys, you can avoid common application mistakes that often lead to denials.  The following are examples of common social security benefits application errors:

  • Medical evidence is not properly documented.
  • The doctor’s report contradicts SSA’s regulations that define disability.
  • Your loss of vocational aptitude or your inability to work is not properly documented.
  • Incomplete forms or forms that are not completed correctly or on time.
  • Forms or documentation that has not been filed with the right office.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

An attorney understands how to avoid application errors, enabling your benefits to be awarded more quickly while avoiding delays in the reconsideration and hearing processes. If the application process progresses to the hearing stage, you should allow your attorney sufficient time to get ready for the hearing. An attorney may take the steps listed below to support your claim:

  • Collect medical evidence to determine the extent of your impairment or condition.
  • Object to improper procedures or evidence to protect your rights to a fair hearing.
  • Obtain a doctor’s report in accordance with Social Security Administration’s regulations.
  • Examine any written questions regarding your disability sent to Medical Experts called by Social Security.
  • Acquire documents from your SSDI benefits application to review any SSA actions.
  • Request subpoena’s from the judge to call witnesses or produce evidence at your hearing.
  • During your hearing, cross-examine all the present witnesses from the SSA, including the vocational expert or medical experts.
  • If you win, ensure that the SSA computes your disability benefits correctly.
  • If you lose, your attorney can ask the SSA Appeals Council to evaluate the Hearing Decision.

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Perhaps you are applying for social security benefits for the first time or have had your claim denied. Whichever the case, our attorneys at the Social Security Law Center can help. Contact us today to get started.