Oklahoma Disability Attorneys

Oklahoma Disability Attorneys

Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Social Security Income (SSI) in Oklahoma can be a long and tedious process. The Oklahoma Disability Attorneys at Social Security Law Center understand this all too well. You can count on us whether you are in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and the surrounding areas; we’ve got your back. We have all the answers to your disability insurance questions. When you contact us, our experienced attorneys will take your case from there. We will handle the hard claim process for you so that you can relax and focus on your life. We will do everything in our power to fight for the financial assistance you deserve.

Since 1990, we have been helping Oklahoma residents seek social security benefits. No matter how long your disability claim takes, we will be with you every step of the way. We will keep you updated on your application.

You Don’t Have to Endure the Complex Claim Process

Living with a physical or mental disability is hard enough. You don’t have to go through a complex process of seeking social security benefits on your own. Perhaps you have been putting off filing for disability benefits because you have no idea about where to start. You might not even be sure whether you are disabled according to the Social Security Administration’s standards. You can count on our honest guidance, whatever questions you have. When you choose us, you won’t just be hiring a disability attorney; you will be hiring one of the most reputable social security attorneys in Oklahoma. We will be entirely devoted to your case and pursue your disability benefits with unmatched aggression and fierceness.

Helping You Determine if You Qualify for Social Security Benefits

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has some strict requirements that you must meet to qualify for social security benefits. Your disability, whether physical or mental, must be serious enough to prevent you from engaging in meaningful work or a substantial gainful activity.

Being disabled means that you can no longer do the work you used to do before the disability. It also means that your condition prevents you from engaging in other types of work. The disability must have lasted for 12 months, is expected to last for 12 months, or is expected to lead to death. If you are applying for SSDI benefits, you must have worked for a considerable period and contributed to social security. The process of seeking social security benefits could take months or even longer. You need an experienced Oklahoma disability attorney who fully understands the system.

How We Can Help

Do you clinch whenever you think about the tedious process of applying for disability benefits? Here’s how we can help:

  • We will help you gather all the necessary information and documentation and help you file the disability claim
  • We will ensure that your paperwork is complete and has no errors
  • Doing it right the first will reduce the chance of getting a denial

From filing a disability claim to appealing a denial, our Oklahoma disability attorneys at Social Security Law Center are ready to help you fight for the financial assistance you deserve.