Important Facts you should know about Social Security Law Oklahoma City

If you live in Oklahoma City and cannot work due to mental or physical health conditions, there are two federal disability programs you may be eligible for. These include Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). While SSI and SSDI are considered federal programs, each state is responsible for some parts of the Social Security law, including setting the SSI benefits amount and determining whether an applicant should get Medicaid.

By 1935, the Social Security program provided retired workers or old age pensioners as its first target group for social benefits. But by 2011, the program grew to integrate disability funds for workers and their families, Medicare, and much more. The Social Security law in Oklahoma secures the applicants’ rights to these benefits. These benefits also include those who have been disqualified from gainful employment because of a permanent disability.

Who decides whether or not you’re disabled?

In Oklahoma City, the Disability Determination Division is the agency responsible for determining whether an applicant meets the disability requirements set by the Social Security Administration (SSA). This division will gather the applicant’s medical information and, when appropriate, set up appointments for the applicant to be examined by medical professionals who work for SSA.

Are you eligible for SSI or SSDI in Oklahoma City?

You will find answers to any of your questions about social security benefits at the Social Security Office in Oklahoma City.  Also, you can call and make an appointment as they handle most federal programs, including SSI, Medicare, and disability benefits.

Note that you need your earnings record to prove that you’re 62 years of age or above, blind or disabled. It would be best if you also had enough work credits. If any of your family members qualify for benefits based on your employment, they don’t require credits.

One crucial factor leading to denial is if you fail to comply with Social Security’s request for medical records. Also, if you refuse to follow your doctor’s instructions, or your disability is for less than a year.

SSI or SSDI claim denial

Was your SSDI or SSI claim denied recently? Do not be discouraged; instead, request a social security disability hearing. You’ll present your case before an Administrative Law Judge. The judge has the power to overturn the denial.

If this does not happen, your next step is to request review before the Appeals Council. You can substantiate your claim with more evidence for consideration. Some of the pieces of evidence you need may include your doctor’s records regarding consultation, diagnosis, treatment process, and how long you have suffered. If this doesn’t work, you need to file an appeal with the Federal District Court.

Seek legal counsel

You don’t need to go through this harrowing experience alone. Instead, hire a social security attorney. Such lawyers are skilled to guide you through the appeals procedure and ensure you receive your social security benefits. Otherwise, the process can be long and frustrating.