Do You Need a Lawyer to File for Disability?

The disability benefits application process is typically complex and overwhelming for first-time applicants. They’re required to gather extensive medical and personal information, complete detailed forms, and undergo multiple assessments. 

Furthermore, the eligibility requirements may be difficult to comprehend. As a result, applicants become confused and frustrated. These complexities result in delays in receiving benefits and often create financial and emotional distress for those who can’t work owing to a disability. 

Making the application process more accessible and understandable could significantly lighten the burden for disability benefits applicants. Also, seeking legal help is a good way to increase the chances of approval.

We Have the Knowledge and Experience to Navigate the Application Process 

Having a disability lawyer on your side means having access to their vast knowledge and experience in handling disability claims. Our lawyers handle disability benefits issues daily, so they understand the legal system, administrative procedures, and regulations that govern disability claims. With this experience, they can efficiently navigate the complicated process and help you avoid the common pitfalls that could potentially delay or undermine your claim.

We Can Gather and Present Relevant Evidence

Providing evidence to substantiate your disability is a pivotal component of a disability claim. Our disability benefits lawyers will collect pertinent medical records and any additional supporting evidence that can enhance the strength of your case. They will then persuasively present this evidence to augment your likelihood of success.

We’ll Advocate for Your Rights and Liaise with the SSA 

Throughout the claims process, our disability lawyers act as your representative and advocate. They will uphold your rights and make sure your best interests are defended. Schedule a consultation today and discover how we can help you.

Our lawyers liaise with the Social Security Administration and communicate on your behalf. They manage the necessary paperwork and submissions and negotiate with insurance companies or other relevant parties involved in your claim.

We Can Appeal a Declined Disability Benefits Application  

If you’re a first-time applicant and your disability claim was declined, our disability lawyers can file an appeal on your behalf and offer legal representation in court should it be required. Pursuing an appeal or litigation can be challenging and protracted, but with the support of an experienced lawyer, your chances of a positive outcome are high.

Our Services Increase the Chances of Approval 

Having legal representation can heighten your chances of disability benefits approval. Our disability benefits lawyers have helped many people get approved for disability benefits over the years. We have an experienced legal team that can help you navigate any potential challenges that may arise during the application process.

Let the Social Security Law Center Help You 

The disability benefits application process can be arduous and intricate. That said, having legal representation can be pivotal. The disability lawyers at the Social Security Law Center can offer their experience and knowledge to facilitate your success. If you’re considering applying for disability benefits in Oklahoma, we advise you to enlist the services of our experienced and certified disability lawyers for the best outcome. Contact us today to get started.