Disability Lawyers Edmond OK

Suppose you are disabled due to a medical condition or an accident. In that case, you may be eligible for social security disability benefits available under the Social Security Administration (SSA). Social Security Disability benefits are designed for people who can no longer work due to mental or physical disability. Unfortunately, the SSA disability program is complicated, and the process of pursuing Social Security Disability benefits is challenging.

It is, therefore, in your best interest to consult with a disability lawyer to help you obtain the benefits you deserve. Our social security disability attorneys use their specialized knowledge of the social security system to provide legal counsel and representation on behalf of our clients.

Experienced disability attorneys on your side

Our knowledgeable disability lawyers will review your disability case in detail before they guide you on the best way to move forward. These professionals understand the social security system perfectly and know which information is required for a successful outcome.

During your initial consultation, which is absolutely free, your attorney will ask various questions about your disability, employment record, and medical history. The attorney will also explain different kinds of social security benefits and help you to determine the benefits you are eligible for. 

When you are disabled or unable to resume your official duties due to illness or accident, your world can change dramatically. You and your loved ones may be confused and overwhelmed by the incident that caused your disability and the unexpected turn of events. During these hard times, it is recommended to have a professional who has your interest in mind.

Depending on the details of your case, you may or may not be eligible for social security disability benefits. Your lawyer will help you file your initial application if you are eligible. Some people still question whether they need an attorney when submitting their first applications. The answer is yes because most application denials are due to insufficient medical information or incorrectly completed application forms. Your disability lawyer can help you avoid such issues.

Our disability lawyers have many years of professional experience. They will ensure that your application is correctly filled out and submitted following the social security administration requirements and deadlines. Also, they will help you acquire the necessary employment and medical records to support your claim and ensure that it is approved.

If you had previously submitted a social security disability benefits application and it was denied, don’t panic. Many applicants get denied even when they are eligible and meet the conditions set forth by the social security administration. Once a claim is denied, the only recourse is to appeal that decision. Our disability lawyers will help you navigate the lengthy, complicated, and frustrating appeal process.

During the appeals hearing, having a disability lawyer on your side will increase your chances of succeeding. In fact, studies show that people who prefer legal representation are three times more likely to get their claims approved than those who ignore such services.

If you have any questions regarding Social Security Disability benefits in Edmond, OK contact us today.