Disability Lawyer Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s Social Security Disability programs offer a safety net for disabled people. For instance, Social Security Disability Insurance pays disability benefits to eligible workers who have suffered physical or mental disabilities. On the other hand, the Supplemental Security Income program offers disability benefits to disabled people with limited resources and income but are ineligible for SSDI benefits or are eligible for a small amount of SSDI benefits.

Over the decades, SSI and SSDI programs have become overburdened by increasing claims and changing regulations. Disability benefits applicants are expected to submit many documents, and any discrepancy or omission of the proper information could lead to claim denial. In fact, most disability claim applications are initially denied, and more than 75% of these claims are denied again following reconsideration, which is also known as the second review.

At Social Security Law Center, we understand the mistakes that could lead to disability benefits claim denial. We have also handled thousands of disability claims successfully and helped thousands of applicants get their claims approved. Indeed, our experienced disability lawyers help claim applicants cut through the red tape whenever pursuing a claim for the Social Security Disability benefits they need and are entitled to.

Suppose you or your loved one suffered a mental or physical disability and intend to pursue a disability claim. In that case, there is a chance you will have to fill out a lot of paperwork and submit your claim application within a given time frame. Even the slightest errors or omissions of essential details could lead to claim denial. For this reason, it is recommended to work with an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer who can review your claim application and help you avoid potential pitfalls that could eventually derail your claim.

It is in your best interests to contact our Social Security Disability law firm before you submit your disability claim application. Talk to our experienced disability lawyers who can help you view the entire application paperwork and make the necessary corrections to avoid claim denial. Indeed, we will respond to all your questions and concerns regarding filing a Social Security Disability claim and guide you through the entire claim process.

You probably know that the federal government has set the specific amount of lawyer’s fees, particularly in disability claims. That means you no longer need to worry about the cost of our services. Also, we never ask for a lawyer’s fee in disability claims unless we have won the case and you have received the disability benefits you’re entitled to.

If you’re disabled and unable to earn enough income, do not hesitate to contact us and get legal counsel regarding the Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance benefits you are legally entitled to due to your disabilities. Our lawyers have many years of experience in offering legal counsel and representation for people with disabilities. Indeed, we have the resources and knowledge necessary to navigate the complicated Social Security Administration system and help you pursue the maximum possible SSI and SSDI benefits you’re entitled to.