Disability Attorneys Tulsa

Disability Attorneys Tulsa

At Social Security Law Center in Tulsa, we have a group of highly knowledgeable disability attorneys who understand all aspects of social security law. We understand the need for disability law assistance, given that there are thousands of people in and around Tulsa living with disabilities. We are eager to assist you in applying for social security disability benefits for the first time or in appealing a rejected application. We will pair you with an experienced disability attorney and assist to the best of our ability.

Just because you have a disability and unable to work does not mean that you will automatically be granted disability benefits. You might be surprised to learn that the majority of first-time disability benefits applicants get denied. The uphill battle of seeking SSDI and SSI benefits is stressful and time-consuming. Our law firm is staffed with knowledgeable and seasoned disability attorneys who are ready to take your case.

Why You Need a Disability Attorney

While applying for social security disability benefits, it’s not mandatory to hire an attorney. However, hiring an attorney is incredibly advantageous. Our disability attorneys will review your application and ensure that it is technically sound before you submit it. A disability attorney has all the necessary expertise and experience to guide you through the application process.

You may still need an attorney even if you have already applied for social security disability income. If your SSDI or SSI claim is denied, an attorney will guide you through the appeal process. An attorney will back your claim with clinical findings which prove that you are disabled.

There is nothing easy about the process of applying for social disability benefits. Other than proving that you are disabled and cannot engage in any meaningful work, the process is also lengthy. Each step during the application process could take weeks or even months. The majority of disability claims are denied during the initial stage and the reconsideration stage. With our experienced Tulsa disability attorney, the chances of getting your case approved will be high.

High Denial Rates

The high denial rates of social security disability applications in Tulsa discourage many applicants. Most denied applications at the initial stages are approved during a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge.

Our compassionate Tulsa disability lawyers have extensive experience securing SSDI and SSI benefits for clients who can no longer work due to a disability. Since 1990, our attorneys have helped Tulsa residents appeal to social security disability rulings and secure a disability back pay after a claim denial.

The Services We Provide

Our experienced legal team will significantly increase your chances of success and make the process of applying for social security benefits less burdensome. When you choose us, you are assured of a skillful representation while pursuing disability benefits.

If you need to appeal a claim denial, our attorneys are conversant with the four-tier appeal process:

  • Reconsideration
  • Hearing
  • Appeals council review
  • District court case

If you need any help in claiming your disability benefits, we invite you to contact us at Social Security Law Center. Our experienced Tulsa disability attorneys will be glad to help.