Creator: Silver, Christin M. Office of the Inspector General

What in the world is a cooperative disability  investigation unit? Well, sometimes when a person is filing for disability, or SSA is questioning  whether you are still disabled, they will hire someone to check. That person will introduce themselves as an official that is investigating someone else and ask for your help. Usually, they will actually be someone with a law enforcement agency. So what happens is, they get you to invite them in or walk some distance to them, observing and video recording you all the way. They will then report what they saw to SSA. They lie to you in order to gain your trust and then use your desire to help against you. We rarely see reports that are in your favor.  What they do is legal, but, some are wondering if it violates your rights. We are not sure how to defeat the strategy. Just be aware of strangers, even law enforcement, that come uninvited to your door.