Attorneys Specializing in Social Security Tulsa

Applying for social security benefits can be frustrating. The strict deadlines paired with requirements for documentation make the application process challenging. The experienced social security attorneys at the Social Security Law Center have years of experience helping people access the benefits they deserve. Our attorneys understand exactly what the Social Security Administration (SSA) looks for on disability applications. We will help you gather evidence and complete the required documents for the best possible outcome. 

If you are applying for social security benefits, you are probably in a tight financial situation. Many people fail to contact social security attorneys because they assume they can’t afford to pay them. Make an appointment with our attorneys specializing in social security Tulsa for a free consultation session. During the consultation, we will advise you whether a social security disability claim is worth pursuing. If our attorneys feel that you are entitled to social security benefits, we will do everything we can to help you claim the benefits you deserve. 

Don’t Let a Claim Denial Stop You

Most people with disabilities apply for social security benefits without an attorney, only to have their claims denied. We encourage you to work with a social security attorney from the start. Even if the Social Security Administration rejects your claim, we will file an appeal to give you the best chance of receiving benefits. Some of the common reasons for claim denial include improper documentation, missed deadlines, and mistakes in paperwork. Our attorneys will ensure that you do not make any of these mistakes. We will go over every detail of your application to ensure that all the information is accurate, maximizing the chances of a successful social security claim. 

Social security laws are complicated – don’t let this stop you from filing a claim. Our social security attorneys will help you navigate all aspects of the law. Most SSDI and SSI claims are denied after the initial application. When you feel like giving up, we encourage you to press forward. With the guidance of our aggressive attorneys, you will get the benefits you deserve. 

We are with You at Every Step

At the Social Security Law Center, we understand the frustrations that clients face when applying for social security benefits. When you contact us, we will respond with vigor and push your claim through to the approval stage. We understand that the process of applying for SSDI and SSI benefits is long. You may feel like there are many obstacles in your path. Our attorneys will be at your side at every stage, helping you handle the following:

  • The initial application
  • The social security disability claim appeal 
  • The administrative hearings 
  • Gather the required documentation and information
  • Handle interactions with SSA on your behalf 

We will have your claim approved with minimal stress on you. Our attorneys are committed to maximizing your social security disability benefits. Whether you are making the initial application or appealing a rejected application, you will have an excellent chance of receiving the benefits you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.