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NEED MORE INFORMATION? Want to know the rules that might apply to your claim? Simply click on the button to go find the information you need. Remember, all we dois help people get social security disability benefits.

Social Security Information - The official site for the Social Security Administration

Detailed information about the disability evaluations

Internal Social Security Administration rules for processing claims

SSLC Forms
All forms in PDF – if you do not have Adobe Reader, click here

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Medical Release Counseling And Recovery Services.pdf
Diary Bathroom.pdf
Medical Treatment Form.pdf
Disability Report Adult Form 3368.pdf
Intake Sheets For Initial Appointment.pdf
Function Report Third Party Form 3380.pdf
Disability Report Appeal Form 3441.pdf
Work History Report Form 3369.pdf
Function Report Adult Form 3373.pdf
Claimant's Medication List.pdf
Medical And Job Worksheet Form 3381.pdf
Handicap Parking Placard Application.pdf
Medical Release Ssa Form 827.pdf
Physician's Stmt Of Patient's Capability To Manage Benefits.pdf
Medical Release Family & Children Services.pdf
Community Resources List For Tulsa.pdf
Diary Headaches.pdf
Medical Release General Hippa.pdf
Room And Board Agreement.pdf

You will need to use a number of forms in the process of submitting and validating your disability claim. We will help you fill out and file these forms to make sure they are done right and will help your case.

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