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Why choose Social Security Law Center?

Social Security Disability Law is all we do. And we are good at it!

Social Security Law Center, LLC is one of the largest firms providing Social Security disability representation throughout Oklahoma. That does not mean our Social Security clients are just numbers. Quite the opposite. Because we focus only on Social Security disability law we are able to provide individualized attention.

Social Security Law Center believes local representation is the best representation.

Social Security Law Center has several offices and attorneys throughout the state of Oklahoma. We believe it should be convenient for you to visit with your Social Security disability attorney. We also believe that local representation is the best Social Security disability representation. That is why we have offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Bartlesville, and Miami. Because our attorneys are local, we know our local judges. You could hire an out of state firm, but Social Security Law Center believes your best chance of success is with local representation. Hire someone who knows the judge assigned to your claim.

Unlike other firms, you DO NOT have to wait until you have been denied.

Social Security Law Center, LLC's sole business is representing Social Security disability claimants. We have been in business since 1990 and have successfully represented thousands of Social Security disability clients. You do not have to be denied by the Social Security Administration before we will talk to you about your case. In fact, we would rather get involved in your case before you file your application. The earlier the attorneys at Social Security Law Center get involved, the more likely you are to get approved. We can help you with your case, from filing the application to appearing with you at your hearing.

If necessary Social Security Law Center will appeal your claim to Federal court.

Also, unlike some representatives, we can appeal your case to federal court if necessary. This means your case stays with your attorney at Social Security Law Center, we will never send your case to another firm to file the federal appeal.

Contact Social Security Law Center for your free consultation.

Please contact us for information about qualifying for and receiving Social Security disability benefits. The initial visit is free and there are no obligations. You pay a fee only if we win your case. Generally the fee will be 25% of your past-due benefits.

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