A frequent question asked by anyone filing for disability benefits is what are my chances of winning. The answer is that it depends on your disabling condition, the quantity and quality of evidence supporting your claim, and other factors such as age. For instance, it is harder to get disability for a bad back than it is for kidney failure. Someone with a lot of medical evidence will generally win easier than someone with little evidence. And a person that is 55 years old will have a better chance than someone that is 40.

However, SSA does keep track of the overall winning and losing ratios at each stage of review. In 2015 the ratios are as follows:

Allow Deny Dismiss
Application  33%  67%
Reconsideration  12%  88%
Judge Hearing  45%  37%  18%

As you can see the odds of winning are better at the hearing stage. That is why it is important to file an appeal of a denial within the 60 day timeframe.

Statistics also show that your chances of winning improved with qualified representation. Social Security Law Center has been representing people with disabilities for over 25 years. Let one of our offices help you increase your odds.