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Cynthia D.

Social Security Law Center did an awesome job! Once they got my case, things did go a lot smoother and it did seem faster than doing it myself. The staff is very good to work with. Very knowledgeable and helpful. I liked working with Social Security Law Center.

Larry W.

It was hard to get anything from the Social Security Administration about my case. After I hired Social Security Law Center, they kept me informed about my case and could tell me what was going on at all times. They got me more benefits than I was thinking I would get. They worked with me to help me understand everything about my case.

Danielle D.

SSA was being really slow at the end of my case so a friend had been through the whole process and recommended I get a lawyer. Social Security Law Center helped stay on top of SSA for me. Social Security Law Center made the who process so easy and so painless. It was worth it so, so much.

Charles S.

When dealing with SSA I had to deal with long phone calls and misinformation. Social Security Law Center helped me with all the paper work, phone calls and made sure my paperwork was turned in. They are fast, friendly and reliable. They cared about my needs.

Jeanne W.

The Social Security Administration was very confusing. Social Security Law Center handled it all. They kept me from having to deal with SSA. I will refer anyone to Social Security Law Center because I believe they are the best.

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